Semi-Permanent Microblading- I have clients ask me on the daily about microblading and what exactly it is. Disclaimer: It is not for everyone!! But if you’ve tried everything else and your brows just won’t grow (like mine) this could be a good option.  It is great if you are missing parts of your eyebrows or your hair is sparse.  It enhances the shape and, in my case, helps my brows look more defined. 

For me, microblading was life changing. WOW, talk about never having to worry about my brows! This was something I truly had never experienced! I remember when I went to Hawaii after I had it done. I could go swimming, snorkeling, etc and not have to worry that my eyebrows would wash off. It was the best thing I ever did (besides Botox lol) beauty wise. 

So, what is it?? Some people are confused thinking that microblading is the same thing as a tattoo.  No, not exactly.  Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo. A tattoo last forever and goes deep within your skin. Microblading on the other hand, just scratches the top layer of the skin and heals over time. The application differs as well.  Instead of using a stencil, like a tattoo, your microblading artist adds soft, thin, feather-like strokes to simulate hair.  It is perfect for people that have sparse or bald areas on their brows that have no future for more growth.

The one warning I will say when looking for a microblading artist is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I looked for almost 2 years before I found someone I trusted.  Make sure they have a LARGE portfolio and TONS of experience! Also, if it’s cheap, just say NO.  If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

One last thing to know is even though your brows have been microbladed you will still need to wax, thread or tweeze your brows to keep them clean and shaped. I personally still need to tint my light eyebrows as well.  But it does help on the daily, when getting ready and makes life that much easier 🙂

Have any other questions or comments?? Let me know!! I’m here to help!  As I mentioned, even though you get your brow microbladed make sure to visit your brow artist for regular eyebrow grooming to shape your eyebrows at a local salon

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Until next time,

Naomi xo