Eyebrow waxing and tinting

Are your brows behaving badly but you don’t want to tweeze them any thinner? Welcome to the Brow Revolution! Introducing a service that specifically “relaxes” your brows. The Keratin Brow Infusion uses a Natural Keratin infused into each strand of hair to straighten, soften, and shape your brows by redirecting your natural eyebrow growth.

It’s a perfect treatment for softening rogue or unruly brows. Natural Keratin compound is specifically designed to provide penetrable nourishment and anti-oxidants and hydration to each hair. 

So, if you have a full brow or sparse brow, a Keratin EyeBrow Infusion Lift Treatment increases the diameter of each brow hair to which adds fullness and then holds the brow hair in place for a perfect shape. Brow hair is not damaged but richly nourished for increase growth. The overall procedure takes sixty minutes and the end results last between 4-6 weeks. 

This treatment paired with eyebrow waxing and tinting make it a perfect treatment for those wanted thicker, fuller brows! On our next post we will also be talking about the difference between lash extension and lash lift, so be on the look out.