Say HELLO to healthier longer lashes. One treatment will last up to 8+ weeks.


G.E.L. Keratin Eyelash Lift Nourishes and Strengthens Lashes

Nourishes and Strengthens Lashes

G.E.L. Lashes Superboost is an innovative, advanced lash lifting system. It is designed to lift and tint the natural lashes while nourishing and strengthening them with its gentle formula infused with keratin, silk peptides, and botanicals that supply omega 3’s, vitamin E, vitamin C, silica, antioxidants and antimicrobials.


BROWS BY NAOMI Keratin Lash Lift Service in Santa Monica

Longer and Fuller Lashes

G.E.L Lashes’ unique lifting technique lifts all the way from the lash root, so natural lashes appear longer and fuller giving you the ultra-dramatic look.


GEL Lash Lift Quality Control

Safe and Quality Controlled

Only G.E.L. certified lash artists are allowed to buy and use this treatment, it is the safest and highest quality-controlled lash lifting treatment in the United States.


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Brows By Naomi Keratin Lash Lift in Santa Monica
GEL Keratin Eye Lash Perm Lift

What Our Customers Are Saying:

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I absolutely love my lashes! It's worth every penny, my lashes are longer and fuller. And the best part the lift lasts about 8-10 weeks.
- Sammi
After experiencing my first lash lift, I'm absolutely in love with them. The lash lift process is very relaxing and the results will make you fall in love with your lashes.
- Jessica